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Knowbo is a custom chatbot website that uses ChatGPT to create a chatbot that learns directly from your website's knowledge base. With Knowbo, you can easily make your entire website accessible through an easy-to-use chatbot, reducing the load on your support team. The chatbot updates its knowledge base whenever your website changes, ensuring that it is always up-to-date with the latest information.

Knowbo offers features such as chat history to keep track of past conversations and easy deployment on your website without the need for complex coding or technical skills. Training the chatbot is simple and automated, as it learns everything from your website's URL or sitemap. You can also customize the chatbot to fit your brand's colors, image, texts, logo, and chat icon.

With Knowbo, your customers can ask questions and get answers directly from your website, providing a seamless customer experience. The chatbot is capable of handling complex and ambiguous questions, as it learns directly from your website and understands company-specific terminology and jargon.

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Knowbo possible use cases:

  1. Improve customer experience with customized chatbot.
  2. Reduce support team workload by adding a chat agent to your website.
  3. Automate customer support.
  4. Provide instant assistance. Knowbo
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