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What is Glimmer?

Glimmer is an AI tool that uses GPT-3 to generate stunning visual presentations based on text or voice commands. It offers simple and intuitive UI/UX for easy use, and allows for editing and sharing/exporting of presentations. Glimmer also integrates with other tools and offers analytics and team collaboration features. Users can join the waitlist to redeem a free credit upon launch.

Glimmer Details

Pricing: Free Edit tool

Tagged: Voice Presentations

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Glimmer Core features

  • ✔️ Generate visual presentations
  • ✔️ Use text or voice commands
  • ✔️ Simple ui/ux
  • ✔️ Edit presentations
  • ✔️ Share/export presentations

Glimmer use case ideas

  1. Create engaging presentations quickly and easily.
  2. Collaborate with team members on presentations.
  3. Analyze presentation performance with built-in analytics. Glimmer
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