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What is DeepZen?

Deepzen is an AI tool that transforms text into audio content with rich emotion, intonation, rhythm, and natural voice, producing a digital voice solution for audiobooks, advertising, marketing, brand voice, podcast, games, virtual assistants, and more. It saves time and cost by eliminating the need for recording studios and physical locations. The technology allows for the display of a diverse range of emotions in AI human voices, with full control over the emotional spectrum through the audio editing interface. Deepzen offers a convenient, faster, and cost-effective way to transform text into speech for various industries.

DeepZen Details

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Tagged: Text-to-speech Audio

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DeepZen Core features

  • ✔️ Text to audio
  • ✔️ Emotional control
  • ✔️ Audiobooks
  • ✔️ Advertising
  • ✔️ Marketing

DeepZen use case ideas

  1. Creating audiobooks and podcasts.
  2. Generating brand voice for advertising and marketing.
  3. Developing virtual assistants and games. DeepZen
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