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What is Consensus?

Consensus is an AI-powered search engine that provides evidence-based answers faster. It helps users find direct scientific research and peer-reviewed studies on a variety of topics, including COVID-19 vaccines and poverty reduction. The tool extracts key findings from scientific papers and offers instant analysis. The search results are 100% ad-free and show the results of scientific research. Consensus is a democratizing tool that aims to provide expert knowledge to everyone.

Consensus Details

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Tagged: Research Education

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Consensus Core features

  • ✔️ Search
  • ✔️ Evidence-based answers
  • ✔️ Scientific papers
  • ✔️ Instant analysis
  • ✔️ 100% ad-free

Consensus use case ideas

  1. Find scientific research on COVID-19 vaccines.
  2. Search for peer-reviewed studies on poverty reduction.
  3. Extract key findings from scientific papers. Consensus
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