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The AI tool, called "cogram," is designed for team collaboration and project management. It enables users to take notes, track action items, and automate downstream tasks during virtual meetings. The tool keeps data private and secure and offers features such as a style guide, scheduling demos, and custom stories. It also includes features for project management, beats deadlines, and ensures everyone is on the same page to prevent misunderstandings. Cogram uses state-of-the-art AI to identify key decisions, agreements, and next steps during meetings and creates audio and video recordings of meetings. The tool emphasizes privacy and security, with no audio or video recordings stored, and offers fast and human support with custom success resources.

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Cogram possible use cases:

  1. Efficient virtual meetings with automated task tracking.
  2. Streamlined project management with style guide and custom stories.
  3. Secure and private team collaboration with fast support and custom success resources. Cogram
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