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What is ChatCube?

ChatCube is an AI chatbot maker that allows you to train a chatbot to answer questions based on any document or website in just 60 seconds.With ChatCube, you can create a personalized chatbot without any coding knowledge by simply entering the document or website URL.

It supports various types of content, including website documentation, online blogs, research papers, books, and legal documents.The chatbot can be trained in multiple languages, and non-English characters are also supported.

ChatCube offers advantages over traditional chatbots, such as a no-code builder for customization, lightning-fast integration, fine-tuning on specific data sources, data encryption and security, customizable appearance and voice, and the latest AI technology.

By leveraging ChatCube, businesses can enhance their customer support, reduce support ticket volumes, and provide efficient and accurate assistance to users.

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⭐ ChatCube Core features

  • ✔️ Train a chatbot
  • ✔️ Support multiple languages
  • ✔️ Customizable appearance and voice
  • ✔️ Data encryption and security
  • ✔️ Latest ai technology

⚙️ ChatCube use case ideas

  1. Create a chatbot to answer customer questions on a product manual.
  2. Train a chatbot to provide support on a research paper or article.
  3. Develop a chatbot to assist with legal document inquiries.
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