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Glimpse is an AI-powered chat assistant and browser extension that revolutionizes the browsing experience. It understands the content of any website you visit and can answer questions, write, and summarize information for you. As a chatbot, AI assistant, powered by OpenAI technology including GPT 3.5 and GPT 4, Glimpse seamlessly integrates with your browser and offers conversational, writing, and editing assistance.

With Glimpse, you can have persistent conversations across browsing tabs, providing an unmatched and continuous user experience. It is perfect for writing, homework, work, and much more. Whether you're reading a large document, drafting an email, or conducting research, Glimpse is there to assist you. Its ability to generate content, assist with homework, presentations, essays, and even follow expertly crafted prompt templates makes it a must-have tool for everyone.

In addition to its writing and editing features, Glimpse also functions as an adblock, keeping your browsing experience clean and secure. With Glimpse, you can read faster, write better, and surf smarter. Add it to your Chrome browser and start enjoying a more efficient and productive browsing experience today.

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Pricing: Free Edit tool

Tagged: AI Assistant Productivity

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Glimpse possible use cases:

  1. Improve web browsing experience, summarize, ask questions and chat with any website.
  2. Providing homework and research assistance.
  3. Enhancing productivity in work and study and daily work flow. Glimpse
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