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What is Broadcast?

Broadcast is an AI-powered tool that enables teams to easily and quickly create and share product updates across platforms, such as Slack and email. It automates the process of gathering information and drafting updates, using smart blocks and logic to autofill content. Broadcast also provides real-time collaboration and insights into readership, making it easier to reach the right stakeholders with impactful messages. The tool also offers workflow optimizations, improved communication architecture, and Soc-II security measures, with more features expected in the future.


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Broadcast Core features

  • ✔️ Automating information gathering and drafting updates
  • ✔️ Real-time collaboration and insights into readership
  • ✔️ Workflow optimizations
  • ✔️ Improved communication architecture
  • ✔️ Soc-ii security measures

Broadcast use case ideas

  1. Quickly share product updates across platforms.
  2. Automate the process of drafting updates.
  3. Improve communication architecture and workflow optimization. Broadcast
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