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What is AiGenda?

AigendaAigenda is an AI-powered tool that automatically generates meeting summaries, highlights tasks, and provides quick access to meeting information. With its ability to search notes and information 100 times faster, Aigenda ensures that users never miss important moments or struggle to navigate through meetings.

This tool can automatically record and process meetings from Google Meet or Zoom, delivering results in less than 5 minutes. Users can easily share meeting summaries or detailed results with colleagues or students with just one click. Aigenda offers different subscription plans, including a free tier with 150 minutes of meetings per month, as well as pro and business tiers with additional features like priority processing and 24/7 support.

The tool is available for use in multiple languages and ensures the security of users' personal data through modern security measures. Aigenda can be seamlessly integrated into messenger apps like Telegram for on-the-go AI assistance, making it a convenient and efficient solution for daily meetings, lectures, and conferences.

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⭐ AiGenda Core features

  • ✔️ Automatically generates meeting summaries
  • ✔️ Highlights tasks from meetings
  • ✔️ Provides quick access to meeting information
  • ✔️ Ability to search notes and information 100 times faster
  • ✔️ Automatically records and processes meetings from Google Meet or Zoom

⚙️ AiGenda use case ideas

  1. Automatically generate detailed meeting summaries with tasks highlighted using Aigenda, ensuring that important moments are captured and easily accessible for all participants.
  2. Quickly search through meeting notes and information 100 times faster with Aigenda, saving users valuable time and effort in finding specific details.
  3. Integrate Aigenda with Google Meet or Zoom to automatically record and process meetings, providing efficient results in less than 5 minutes and enabling seamless sharing of meeting summaries with colleagues or students.

🙋‍♂️ Users of this tool

Busy professionals
Sales representatives
Marketing teams
Project managers
Customer support agents
Remote workers
Team leaders

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