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BrieflyAI is an AI tool that creates meeting summaries, insights, and follow-ups. It aims to help users stay organized and without missing important details from their meetings. With BrieflyAI, meeting transcripts are automatically transcribed and categorized based on content, making it easier to find specific discussions later on.

The tool goes beyond transcription by providing objective summaries and key insights, as well as personalized action items from the transcriptions. This feature allows users to quickly synthesize meeting notes and draft follow-up emails, leading to greater close rates and productivity.

BrieflyAI supports 12 languages, making it accessible to diverse teams. Users can conveniently access calls, summaries, and transcripts in one place, without leaving the extension. Additionally, the tool offers the option to automatically generate personalized post-meeting emails based on the contents of the call, resulting in better engagement and response rates.

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BrieflyAI possible use cases:

  1. Organize meeting notes easily and create summaries of key points.
  2. Draft follow-up emails based on meeting details.
  3. Capture important details of a meeting and get it automatically transcribed. BrieflyAI
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