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What is Zite?

Zite.ai is an AI-powered tool that can write high-converting sales copy, emails, and outreach messages in seconds. It can generate unlimited variations of content and allows for split testing to optimize messaging. The tool is fast, with less margin for error than human writers, and can be used for various sales campaigns. Zite.ai also offers custom outreach templates and recommendations for prospects to improve sales efforts. There is a free trial available and pricing is fixed for unlimited content per month.


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Zite Core features

  • ✔️ Generate sales copy
  • ✔️ Write emails
  • ✔️ Create outreach messages
  • ✔️ Optimize messaging
  • ✔️ Use custom templates

Zite use case ideas

  1. Generate high-converting sales copy.
  2. Automate email marketing campaigns.
  3. Optimize outreach messaging.
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