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ezsales.ai is an AI-powered sales tool that writes hyper-personalized cold emails in seconds. The tool helps you export leads from LinkedIn sales navigator, find their phone numbers and email addresses, and writes fully customized cold emails to these leads, saving hours of time per day yet keeping your cold email outreach as responsive as if you were manually researching every lead and writing every cold email yourself. The AI analyzes the websites and social media profiles of the prospects and generates highly personalized emails.

You can send the emails directly from the application or export them to your CRM. The tool provides examples of personalized email personalizations based on social media activity or interests. It also allows you to find leads on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and export them to a CSV file using the ezsales.ai Chrome extension.

One of the key features of ezsales.ai is its ability to find contact details of prospects, including work email, personal email, phone number, and social media links. This makes it easier to reach out to potential customers. The tool also provides sales signals that show the best approach for each individual prospect, saving you time and effort.

With ezsales.ai, you can expect higher response rates compared to manually writing cold emails. It acts as an AI sales assistant, taking care of the email writing process so that you can focus on other important tasks. Sign up for ezsales.ai now to supercharge your B2B sales outreach.

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Ezsales AI possible use cases:

  1. Automating cold email writing process.
  2. Increasing response rates for sales outreach.
  3. Finding contact details of prospects from Linkedin and other platforms.
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