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What is Whisper?

Whisper is a robust AI-powered speech recognition tool that uses large-scale weak supervision. It is a general-purpose model that can perform multilingual speech recognition, speech translation, and spoken language identification. It is based on a sequence-to-sequence model that allows for joint representation of sequence tokens and prediction decoding. It offers five available model sizes with varying speed and accuracy tradeoffs. It is open-source under the MIT license.

Whisper Details

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Whisper Core features

  • ✔️ Speech recognition
  • ✔️ Speech translation
  • ✔️ Spoken language identification
  • ✔️ Sequence-to-sequence model
  • ✔️ Joint representation of sequence tokens and prediction decoding

Whisper use case ideas

  1. Transcribing audio recordings.
  2. Real-time speech translation.
  3. Identifying spoken language in audio data.
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