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The AI tool, called whatgpt, is an AI assistant for WhatsApp that allows users to ask real questions and receive quick answers. It is designed to upgrade WhatsApp by providing AI-based chat features. With whatgpt, users can benefit from quick reply suggestions that provide answers with less typing. The tool's AI is trained to give short and concise responses, making it perfect for quick conversations.

Additionally, whatgpt can delve deeper into topics and generate a list of web links for further research and exploration. It is always online and eliminates concerns such as expired logins, captchas, and downtime periods.

Users can easily manage their subscriptions and start using the latest advancements in AI for WhatsApp without the need for installation, signup, or credit card information. Overall, whatgpt aims to enhance the messaging experience on WhatsApp with its AI-powered assistant.

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WhatGPT possible use cases:

  1. Quick reply suggestions for WhatsApp.
  2. Generating web links for further research on Whatsapp.
  3. Enhancing the messaging experience on WhatsApp with AI features.
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