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What is WebMagic AI?

The AI article summarizer tool by Webmag AI condenses lengthy articles into shorter summaries using artificial intelligence. It analyzes the text and delivers the most important points, making it an efficient way to stay informed about current topics without spending too much time reading. The tool offers a 7-day free trial and allows users to save and share article summaries via a unique URL. Additionally, upcoming features include the ability to upload PDF documents for comprehensive summarization. Pricing information is not included in this description.

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⭐ WebMagic AI Core features

  • ✔️ Summarizes lengthy articles
  • ✔️ Delivers important points
  • ✔️ Saves and shares summaries via unique url

⚙️ WebMagic AI use case ideas

  1. Efficient news consumption.
  2. Research paper summarization.
  3. Content curation for social media.

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Busy professionals
Anyone looking to save time
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