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Summarize is an AI tool that helps you summarize text, PDFs, YouTube videos, and Twitter threads. It has been used by over 1000 people and offers a free iOS app with additional shortcuts. With open AI API integration, you can easily summarize any type of content with the option to set your desired text size. It supports summarizing YouTube videos by simply pasting the video URL or by extracting captions. You can also summarize Twitter threads by pasting the thread URL. Summarize also allows you to upload PDFs and summarize their contents. The tool is developed by Maail and provides a seamless and convenient way to interact with AI technologies like ChatGPT. Whether you need to create carousels for social media or engage in deeper conversations, Summarize has got you covered.

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Summarizethis possible use cases:

  1. Creating social media carousels based on summaries that you make from videos or documents.
  2. Create summaries for video, text or PDF files and extract insights. Summarizethis
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