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What is TTSLabs?

Ttslab is an AI-powered text-to-speech tool that provides custom voice and sound clip options for streamers on Twitch. Its desktop app allows for seamless management and playback of text-to-speech with easy customization options. It processes 20-second audio in less than 3 seconds in real-time, and provides custom alert and profanity filters for a better viewer experience. The tool also offers unique voices and sound clips for increased creativity and customization.

TTSLabs Details

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TTSLabs Core features

  • ✔️ Text-to-speech
  • ✔️ Custom voice options
  • ✔️ Sound clip options
  • ✔️ Seamless management
  • ✔️ Real-time processing

TTSLabs use case ideas

  1. Customize Twitch alerts with unique voices and sound clips.
  2. Filter profanity for a better viewer experience.
  3. Create seamless text-to-speech playback for Twitch streams. TTSLabs
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