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What is Truebees?

Introducing Truebees, a deepfakes detector designed to combat the spread of AI-generated portraits on social media platforms. With Truebees, you can quickly and easily verify the trustworthiness of an image, ensuring that you only share photos that you 100% trust. This powerful tool helps in the fight against deepfakes and disinformation, allowing media professionals to detect and clear doubts surrounding ambiguous or uncredited images. Truebees plays an essential role in preventing the sharing of AI-generated images, which can lead to alarming situations such as scams, cyberbullying, revenge porn, and other computer crimes.

Truebees is designed for professionals in the media industry, law firms, and press news agencies, making fact-checking easy and fast. Media outlets can coordinate news editing and publish with 100% confidence, while freelance journalists can provide guarantees of trustworthiness when selling their content to media outlets. Additionally, lawyers and legal advisors can rely on Truebees to provide evidence of trustworthiness for pictures used in lawsuits.

Different from other AI-generated image detectors, Truebees specifically focuses on detecting AI-generated portraits shared on social media platforms. This gives it an edge, as other detectors may struggle to correctly classify images that have been processed by the platform. Truebees overcomes this challenge with an innovative approach based on fine-tuned deep networks.

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⭐ Truebees Core features

  • ✔️ Deepfake detection
  • ✔️ Image verification
  • ✔️ Trustworthiness assurance
  • ✔️ Fact-checking
  • ✔️ Content guarantee

⚙️ Truebees use case ideas

  1. Media professionals can detect and clear doubts surrounding ambiguous or uncredited images.
  2. Fact-checking for media outlets and freelance journalists.
  3. Providing evidence of trustworthiness for pictures used in lawsuits.

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Social media platforms
Cybersecurity teams
General public
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