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Debunkd is an AI-powered fact-checker and image detector tool that helps you verify the authenticity of information you come across online. Whether it's a tweet, a picture, or even a chat, Debunkd can double-check things for you. With its browser extension and web app, you can use Debunkd to verify trending news on Twitter and Reddit, avoid falling for fake stories, and distinguish real photos from AI-generated images on Instagram.

Debunkd's fact checker instantly verifies statements by analyzing information and cross-checking reputable internet sources, providing you with credible sources of information. Its AI image detector examines images' properties, patterns, and metadata to determine their authenticity, helping you spot manipulated content.

To fact check using Debunkd's AI fact checker, simply enter the information you want to validate - whether it's a tweet, news article, or a chat response from ChatGPT. The AI analyzes the information and provides you with a result, along with a summary of the fact-checking process and the source of the fact check. It's up to you to decide whether to trust the information.

For image verification, you can upload an image or provide a link to analyze whether it's an AI-generated image or a human-made one. The advanced AI image detector gives you a percentage breakdown of whether the image is AI-generated or not.

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debunkD possible use cases:

  1. Verify trending news on social media.
  2. Fact check news and information to avoid falling for fake stories online.
  3. Distinguish real photos from AI-generated images. debunkD
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