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What is Trellis?

Trelli is an AI tool that serves as an educational companion for students. It provides Socratic guidance and simplified explanations, diagrams, and quizzes for difficult concepts in science, engineering, coding, and math. The tool aims to help students learn faster and in-depth. It is currently available for free, and interested users can join the waitlist.


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Trellis Core features

  • ✔️ Provides socratic guidance
  • ✔️ Simplified explanations
  • ✔️ Diagrams
  • ✔️ Quizzes
  • ✔️ Assists with learning science, engineering, coding, and math

Trellis use case ideas

  1. Assisting students with difficult concepts in science and math.
  2. Providing simplified explanations and diagrams for engineering and coding.
  3. Offering quizzes to test knowledge and aid in learning. Trellis
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