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What is TalkingPhoto by Movio?

The Movio AI tool creates spokesperson videos with talk avatars. It has a variety of templates and assets to generate all-in-one video content. The tool allows for the import of ppt/pdf files and produces videos in both landscape (1920 x 1080 px) and portrait (1080 x 1920 px) formats. Users can sign in with an email, Google or Facebook account.


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Tagged: Social media

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TalkingPhoto by Movio Core features

  • ✔️ Spokesperson videos
  • ✔️ Talk avatars
  • ✔️ Templates
  • ✔️ Assets
  • ✔️ Import ppt/pdf files

TalkingPhoto by Movio use case ideas

  1. Create marketing videos.
  2. Produce educational videos.
  3. Generate product demos. TalkingPhoto by Movio
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