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Summarizely Know is a powerful AI tool that uses ChatGPT to help teams stay in the loop by summarizing their teammates' GitHub activities and sending them to Slack channels. With easy setup and no need for code or credit card information, Summarizely allows engineering teams to map their teammates' activities directly to their Slack and GitHub accounts.

It is powered by OpenAI's latest API and offers cutting-edge summarizing features. Data security is ensured as Summarizely stores the data and sends summarized results back to the Slack workspace. Summarizely also offers early access, invoices, and receipts for easy company reimbursement. Stay tuned for updates on pricing and additional features.

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Summarizely possible use cases:

  1. Stay updated on teammates' GitHub activities by receiving a summary of activities on slack.
  2. Streamline communication within engineering teams.
  3. Track project progress in real-time automatically based on Github activities. Summarizely
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