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Straico is a one-stop Platform for Top-tier Generative AI Models. - Aiming to consolidate the best generative AI models in one platform, offering end users an unparalleled experience for most of their generative AI needs. - Features a highly reliable, cost-effective AI Chat Assistant that operates on both GPT-3.5 Turbo and advanced GPT-4.

Straico provides a selection of curated pre-defined prompts in chat for tasks such as writing, summarizing, grammar correction, translating, programming, SEO, for educators and creating advertisements. - Facilitates the creation of user-specific pre-defined prompts for quick, easy access. Straico boasts an AI-powered image generator/editor, using SDXL, the latest model from Stable Difussion, allowing for effortless image variation with access to royalty-free images.

Straico presents a Voice-Powered AI Chat Assistant powered by the OpenAI Whisper Speech-to-Text technology for easy conversational interactions. - Houses an advanced PDF analysis feature that uses GPT-3.5-turbo-16k and GPT4 OpenAI models, capable of handling queries on a broad spectrum, from contracts to proposals. Straico is designed for daily use, ensuring seamless integration of AI features into users' everyday routines to cover their generative AI needs comprehensively.

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Straico possible use cases:

  1. Enhancing creative output for individuals and businesses by using multiple AI models in one tool.
  2. Streamlining content generation tasks with different AI models in a single platform.
  3. Reduce generative AI costs by using all of them in one platform. Straico
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