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What is Stenote?

Stenote is an AI tool designed to bring clarity to chaotic conversations by listening, transcribing, understanding, and distilling discussions into clear and actionable insights.With a focus on precision, Stenote offers AI-driven live transcribing with human-level accuracy of over 90% in real-time, ensuring no word gets missed during meetings, lectures, or discussions.

Every participant's voice is captured, allowing for full engagement and the transformation of lengthy recordings into concise, actionable summaries.The tool's intelligent summarization feature cuts through the noise to highlight the core message, facilitating faster decision-making and streamlined communication.

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⭐ Stenote Core features

  • ✔️ AI-driven live transcribing with over 90% accuracy
  • ✔️ Capturing every participant's voice for full engagement
  • ✔️ Intelligent summarization to highlight core message
  • ✔️ Automatic generation of chapters and key highlights
  • ✔️ Enhanced note-taking and navigation through recordings

⚙️ Stenote use case ideas

  1. Transform long and complex meeting recordings into concise and actionable summaries using Stenote's intelligent summarization feature, facilitating faster decision-making and enhancing communication among team members.
  2. Utilize Stenote's AI-driven live transcribing with human-level accuracy of over 90% in real-time to ensure no word is missed during lectures, enabling students to focus on comprehension rather than note-taking.
  3. Generate chapters and key highlights automatically with Stenote to streamline note-taking and facilitate efficient navigation through lengthy recordings, enhancing overall productivity and task management.

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Busy professionals
Meeting facilitators
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