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With Stackbear, creating personalized AI chatbots that are trained on your content is a quick and easy process.These bots are designed to automatically handle over 50% of customer queries, offering instant, human-like responses.

For queries that require a more personal touch, the chatbot seamlessly transfers the conversation to your help desk.Think of Stackbear's chatbot as an additional support agent.It provides your customers with immediate, natural language responses, resolving half of the questions without any human intervention.

Setting up your AI chatbot with Stackbear is a matter of minutes, not months.There's no need to wrestle with complex programming.Simply add your website, and describe in natural language how you want your bot to interact with users.

Maintain complete oversight of your bot's interactions.Stackbear's AI is adept at recognizing when a user prefers to speak to a human.In such instances, it intelligently hands over the conversation to a live agent, ensuring a smooth transition and a satisfying user experience.

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StackBear possible use cases:

  1. Automate customer queries with AI chatbots, providing instant and human-like responses providing a new level of customer support.
  2. Enhance customer support by seamlessly transferring complex queries to your help desk.
  3. Simplify AI customer support agent setup on your site, without complex programming. StackBear
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