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Chatling is a personalized AI chatbot tool for businesses that aims to reduce support volume by instantly and accurately answering customer queries. It uses AI to train its chatbots based on the content of the business' website, documents, knowledge base, and resources. The chatbot can boost deflection and resolution rates by up to 50%.

Chatling offers easy integration by adding data sources, customizing the chatbot to match branding, embedding the trained chatbot on the website and providing insights into customer conversations. The tool is available 24/7 and offers multilingual support, increases customer satisfaction and engagement, and reduces the workload on the support team. The setup is automatic and straightforward, and no coding or manual triggers are required.

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Chatling possible use cases:

  1. Instantly answer customer queries using your own website data or knowledge base.
  2. Boost deflection and resolution rates for customer support queries.
  3. Get insights into customer conversations and reduce the sprawl on support team. Chatling
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