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What is Rewind?

Rewind is an AI tool that records and makes searchable anything you have seen, said, or heard. It offers a universal search feature that can search across apps and web pages. Rewind can help you find key moments, retrace your steps, and eliminate note-taking. It stores recordings locally for privacy and does not require cloud integration. It can also be used to record and search meetings.

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Tagged: Productivity Life Assistant

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Rewind Core features

  • ✔️ Record anything
  • ✔️ Make searchable
  • ✔️ Universal search feature
  • ✔️ Search across apps and web pages
  • ✔️ Find key moments

Rewind use case ideas

  1. Search and find key moments.
  2. Retrace steps.
  3. Record and search meetings. Rewind
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