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Press Monkey is an AI Automated PR Distribution tool.The the tool provides a press release writer that also distributes your PR or announcement to a curated list of 2,500+ media, journalist, bloggers & influencers.

It's like if MailChimp and PRNewsWire had a baby that costs 80% cheaper than Prowly.Put your reach out on autopilot with Press Monkey's automated PR solutions.Press Monkey, presented by the creators of BotB9.

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Press Monkey possible use cases:

  1. Launching a New Product: Use Press Monkey to create and distribute press releases when launching a new product or service..
  2. Announcing Company Milestones: Share important company milestones, such as funding rounds or acquisitions, with the press and influencers..
  3. Event Promotion: Promote events, conferences, or webinars by reaching out to a wide network of media professionals.. Press Monkey
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