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EasyPR AI is a versatile tool that streamlines the PR process and simplifies media outreach. With its smart keyword search feature, it allows users to find relevant queries quickly and efficiently. The AI query summaries provide concise and organized insights into the queries, enabling users to understand the media landscape better. This AI-powered platform also offers personalized email pitch writing, saving users valuable time and effort in creating effective pitches. By leveraging its extensive database, EasyPR AI helps users secure press coverage and build media relationships. Furthermore, the tool offers features like daily keyword email alerts, advanced query analytics, and a journalist database, added soon, to enhance users' PR strategy further. EasyPR AI is the tool for those looking to increase their brand exposure and generate quality backlinks.

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EasyPR AI possible use cases:

  1. Find relevant queries quickly and efficiently to target for your PR campaigns.
  2. Understand the media landscape better with AI query summaries.
  3. Save time and effort in creating effective pitches with personalized email pitch writing for PR outreach.
  4. Receive daily keyword email alerts for PR strategy.
  5. Enhance PR strategy with advanced query analytics.
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