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Polarr Copilot is an AI-powered tool that converts text prompts into high-quality photo, video, and design edits. The tool has three different Copilots for photo editing, video editing, and design. The Photo Editing Copilot uses text descriptions to edit photos, including background edits, color adjustments, object selection, face tracking, filter discovery, and overlays. The Video Editing Copilot helps users create complex video effects using prompts and explanations, while the Design Copilot generates customized social posts based on input images. Polarr Copilot continuously improves by learning from community-generated edits made in Polarr and 24FPS. The tool allows users to export large files in high resolution and create photorealistic edits suitable for broad use cases.

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Tagged: Image Editing Video Editing

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Polarr Copilots possible use cases:

  1. Create customized social media posts.
  2. Edit photos with text descriptions.
  3. Create complex video effects with prompts.
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