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What is Podium?

Podium is an AI-based tool that provides various services to help podcast creators in creating content, enhancing their workflow and reaching larger audiences. It offers services such as transcripts, shownotes, chapters, highlight clips, social media posts, and relevant keywords generation. Podium enables podcast creators to save time and money by providing them with easy-to-read formats, summaries of their episodes, and various metadata for distribution and promotion.

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Tagged: Podcasting Content Creation

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Podium Core features

  • ✔️ Transcripts
  • ✔️ Shownotes
  • ✔️ Chapters
  • ✔️ Highlight clips
  • ✔️ Social media posts

Podium use case ideas

  1. Save time and money by generating transcripts and summaries.
  2. Enhance workflow with chapter and highlight clip creation.
  3. Promote podcast with social media posts and relevant keywords generation.
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