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Pluginlab AI is an AI tool that focuses on chatGPT plugin development.It provides authentication, payment, and other features to help plugin creators save time and monetize their plugins.With Pluginlab, plugin creators can easily set up user authentication using OAuth portals within just 5 minutes, protecting their API quotas to restrict usage and prevent excessive server fees, and integrating payment options through Stripe to start generating revenue from their plugins.

The tool also offers real-time event tracking and monitoring capabilities, providing valuable insights into user interactions and plugin performance.Additionally, Pluginlab offers deployment tools for easy plugin maintenance and versioning.d

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PluginLab possible use cases:

  1. Set up user authentication using OAuth portals for chatGPT plugins.
  2. Protect API quotas and prevent excessive server fees for your plugins.
  3. Integrate payment options and generate revenue and make money of your chatGPT plugins. PluginLab
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