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Pixelfy AI allows its users to create high-quality pixel art images.It uses different AI models to generate professional pixel art for creative projects.With a variety of battle-tested generators, Pixelfy offers a wide range of image types, from backgrounds like snow-capped peaks and cozy cabins to fantasy RPG characters and Warhammer 40k space marines.

The tool provides a prompt builder feature that helps users create stunning images with ease.Users can control the grid size and access advanced tuning options for precise adjustments.Pixelfy also allows users to remove backgrounds and isolate subjects in their images, and they can upload reference images to influence the generation process.

A unique feature of Pixelfy is its ability to constrain generated images to a specific color palette, giving users more control over the final result.The tool has received positive feedback from users, who praise its ease of use and the effectiveness of the prompt builder module.

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Pixelfy possible use cases:

  1. Create pixel art images for fun, games, backgrounds, etc.
  2. Edit and improve pixel art images.
  3. Get inspiration for pixel art image generation with reference images.
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