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What is PatternAI?

PatternAI is a simple AI tool that generates seamless and unique patterns for various surfaces without visible seams. It can turn text into royalty-free patterns with the option to adjust color and resolution for high-quality prints. The tool allows users to explore generated images and create variations of their favorite patterns with high adjustability. Users can download high-resolution SVG patterns with ease.

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PatternAI Core features

  • ✔️ Generate patterns
  • ✔️ Turn text into royalty-free patterns
  • ✔️ Adjust color and resolution for high-quality prints
  • ✔️ Explore generated images
  • ✔️ Create variations of favorite patterns

PatternAI use case ideas

  1. Create custom patterns for fabric designs.
  2. Generate unique backgrounds for websites and social media.
  3. Design print materials with high-quality patterns. PatternAI
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