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OpenRouter is an AI tools web aggregator that provides access to a wide range of AI models for various use cases. With OpenRouter Playground, users can discover and use new AI models. The platform offers a diverse selection of AI apps, such as, a multimodal texting AI with 640.4m tokens, and Venus AI with 232.1m tokens. Spicy Chat AI (iOS) and MaxAI are also available, providing 223.6m tokens and 62.9m tokens respectively. Users can browse different characters and models, engaging in chat conversations powered by AI. OpenRouter also offers Agnaistic, a chat service that brings AI capabilities to the forefront with 22.3m tokens. With a variety of models available, OpenRouter caters to different needs and preferences. Details

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  1. Discovering and using new AI LLM models via an API.
  2. Engaging in chat conversations powered by AI.
  3. Build NLP applications easily with an API that provides you with access to LLM models.
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