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The Natural Language Playlist tool is an AI-based music recommendation system that generates playlists based on user queries related to song lyrics, specific genres, and themes. The beta version 2.0 of the tool is created by Abelardo Rioja, a 23-year-old data science graduate student, who aims to simplify the process of discovering new music and make it more exciting. The tool allows users to describe and personalize their playlist using multiple sentences and adjectives to highlight desired music features, such as danceability, positivity, high energy, and fast tempo. The creator leverages complex language models to transform words into intelligible music recommendations, hoping to widen listeners' music horizons and enrich their relationships with music.

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Natural Language Playlist possible use cases:

  1. Discover new music based on specific themes or genres.
  2. Personalize playlists using multiple sentences and adjectives.
  3. Enrich relationships with music by widening music horizons. Natural Language Playlist
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