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What is LensAi?

Lensai is an AI-powered contextual advertising platform that helps publishers monetize web traffic by fine-tuning targeting and identifying relevant objects, logos, actions, and contexts to match with relevant ads. It offers advanced in-image and in-video advertising solutions that benefit key stakeholders in the digital advertising ecosystem and increases ROI for brands by offering unique associated advertising algorithms that tap into users' emotions and create a sense of urgency to buy products. Lensai Its comput vision solutions market target audiences based on content interests rather than user identity or behavior.


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Tagged: Advertising

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LensAi Core features

  • ✔️ Contextual advertising
  • ✔️ Identifying relevant objects and contexts
  • ✔️ Fine-tuning targeting
  • ✔️ In-image and in-video advertising
  • ✔️ Emotions and sense of urgency

LensAi use case ideas

  1. Monetizing web traffic.
  2. Increasing ROI for brands.
  3. Targeting audiences based on content interests.
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