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Kome is an all-in-one AI-powered bookmark extension that enhances your online browsing experience. With Kome, you can instantly summarize articles, webpages, news, and YouTube videos with a single click. It also serves as an efficient bookmark manager, allowing you to easily capture and store valuable content from websites.

One of Kome's standout features is the smart compose function, which utilizes your bookmarks to generate emails, tweets, and blog posts powered by AI. Additionally, it enables you to quickly find and copy email addresses in a matter of seconds.

Kome is not limited to summarizing and bookmarking alone. It also offers the ability to extract color palettes from websites and save them in your preferred format. Moreover, if you're tired of scrolling, Kome's lazy scroll feature can help you let the machine handle it for you. And if you're searching for a specific URL, Kome makes it easy by eliminating the need for tedious searches.

Adding Kome to your browser is a simple process. Just head to your browser's extension marketplace, search for "Kome AI," and follow the installation instructions.

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Kome possible use cases:

  1. Enhancing online browsing experience with smart bookmarking.
  2. Summarizing articles, videos and webpages with AI.
  3. Boost productivity with efficient bookmark management.
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