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Kamara is an AI-powered coding tool that integrates seamlessly with the popular VS Code editor. With Kamara, you can easily implement new features across multiple files in your codebase. It's perfect for building products faster and increasing productivity.

To get started, simply download the Kamara VS Code extension and log in using your GitHub or Google account. Create a .kamara.json file in the root of your project, specify the source folders, and you're ready to go. Kamara offers prompt tips that have been tested to work in many languages, especially TypeScript.

Kamara is most effective for working with shorter files or when you already have an idea of how to implement something. For better results, be specific in your requests. If you're worried about the cost, Kamara offers a credit-based pricing system. You'll only pay for the code that Kamara reads and writes.

If you're part of a small team of software engineers actively using Kamara, the creators, You can fill out a form or join their Discord server. Download Kamara now and experience the power of AI in your coding workflow.

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Kamara possible use cases:

  1. Implementing new features across multiple files.
  2. Increasing productivity in coding workflow.
  3. Getting prompt tips for code implementation.
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