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What is Jokelub?

Jokelub is an AI tool that allows users to write and share jokes through a Chrome extension. It aims to make people smile and spread humor. Users can sign up for a premium account or join for free using their email address and password. The tool is designed to bring laughter and joy, drawing inspiration from Mark Twain's belief in humor being mankind's greatest blessing.

Jokelub Details

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Jokelub Core features

  • ✔️ Write jokes
  • ✔️ Share jokes
  • ✔️ Free sign up
  • ✔️ Premium account
  • ✔️ Bring laughter

Jokelub use case ideas

  1. Create and share jokes with friends.
  2. Add humor to social media posts.
  3. Generate jokes for comedy writing. Jokelub
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