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What is AI Designer? 5 0 ratings is an AI image generator tool that uses text descriptions to create images, best suited for creating illustrations, animations, and concept design images. It can also edit images using text-driven editing similar to Photoshop. The tool is best used to create photorealistic stock photos for blog posts, edit photos, create illustrations for presentations, posters, or children's books, create stunning social media images, or for design inspiration. Users can subscribe to a plan or get free image credits by inviting friends and family. The output image resolution is 512x512 for free users and 1024x1024 for subscribers, with higher resolutions available upon request. The images created using can be used for commercial purposes, and users have full usage rights, including the right to reprint and sell the images.

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Tagged: Writing Images

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AI Designer possible use cases:

  1. Create illustrations for presentations, posters, or children's books.
  2. Create stunning social media images.
  3. Edit photos using text-driven editing. AI Designer
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