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What is Hypertype?

Hypertyp is an AI tool that helps teams find the best answer to emails and interactions with documents 10x faster. It extracts relevant information in real-time and automatically matches similar questions and answers. Hypertyp also automates the onboarding process, creates new knowledge, and personalizes responses. It is GDPR compliant and offers a data share option upon request. It can be easily installed as a Chrome extension and is designed to improve team efficiency and revenue.

Hypertype Details

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Hypertype Core features

  • ✔️ Email search
  • ✔️ Document analysis
  • ✔️ Question-answer matching
  • ✔️ Automated onboarding
  • ✔️ Data sharing

Hypertype use case ideas

  1. Automated onboarding process.
  2. Efficient team communication.
  3. Personalized responses to clients.
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