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Hubspot Campaign Assistant, a free AI marketing asset creator from HubSpot. With Hubspot Campaign Assistant, you have the ability to generate copy for landing pages, emails, and ads with just a few clicks.

Instead of spending weeks on manual copywriting, let AI do the heavy lifting. Simply provide the key details of your campaign and select the preferred platform. The AI-powered Campaign Assistant will generate high-quality copy tailored to your brand's voice, featuring selling points and call-to-action.

With Campaign Assistant, you can save hours of time on copywriting, allowing you to focus on the details that require a personal touch. Whether it's landing pages, emails, or ad copy, this tool streamlines the creation of marketing assets and supercharges your campaigns. Best of all, Campaign Assistant is free to use. Start using Campaign Assistant today and experience the power of AI in your marketing efforts.

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HubSpot Campaign Assistant possible use cases:

  1. Generate copy for landing pages, emails, and ads.
  2. Save time on copywriting and get inspiration.
  3. Streamline marketing asset creation. HubSpot Campaign Assistant
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