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HireLakeAI is an AI-based tool for hiring that assists in extracting and matching resume data with job descriptions in bulk. It helps increase hiring efficiency and brand recognition while accelerating the recruitment process. Some of the capabilities of HireLakeAI include shortlisting candidates with JD matching, extracting resumes in no time, AI-based candidate summary after an interview, pre-interview candidate background check, psychometric test analysis, audio and video interviews on a single platform, and predicting candidate joining probability. HireLakeAI can be used independently or integrated with existing HRMS and hiring platforms like Monster and Naukri. Some use cases of HireLakeAI include freelance recruiters, head of human resources, and recruitment teams of large corporations.

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HireLakeAI possible use cases:

  1. Freelance recruiters can use HireLakeAI to efficiently match resumes with job descriptions and increase their productivity..
  2. Head of human resources can use HireLakeAI to streamline the recruitment process and save time..
  3. Recruitment teams of large corporations can use HireLakeAI to automate the hiring process and improve candidate experience..
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