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HelpHub is an AI chat + natural language search for any website or web app. That can add content via URLS, syncing with CMS or manually. It creates a chatbot trained on your data and will answer questions based on you content only and provides you with an embeddable widget to add to your site or APP that includes a chatbot interface and a search interface for users to search through the content.

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HelpHub Highlights:

✅ You can add source content in 3 ways:

-Crawling any public site via a URL (e.g. your marketing site or blog)
-Syncing with a CMS (like Zendesk or Intercom)
-Add content manually

✅ The output is an embeddable widget the contains two things:

(1) the chatbot interface for user's to ask questions.
(2) a search interface for users to search through the content the bot is trained on directly, as well as view source content.

HelpHub possible use cases:

  1. Customer support.
  2. FAQs.
  3. Product information. HelpHub
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