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What is HarvyAI?

Harvyai is a AI email assistant tool that helps professionals write email replies faster and with better context. It offers a native email interface that is browser compatible, and guides users to write natural-sounding email replies in multiple languages. It can access email data to gather context for relevant responses and offers a free trial. Technical support is available through email.

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⭐ HarvyAI Core features

  • ✔️ Task1: write natural-sounding email replies
  • ✔️ Task2: guides users to write email replies in multiple languages
  • ✔️ Task3: gather context for relevant responses
  • ✔️ Task4: offers free trial
  • ✔️ Task5: provide technical support

⚙️ HarvyAI use case ideas

  1. Improve email response time and quality.
  2. Assist non-native speakers in writing natural-sounding emails.
  3. Increase email productivity and efficiency.
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