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What is GPT95?

The AI tool is called ChatGPT and is a retro-themed VSCode extension that offers features such as code generation, code refactoring, debugging, and auto documentation. It uses natural-language-to-code translation to improve code quality and offers private and secure coding. A free trial with 10k tokens is available, and pricing plans start at $2/monthly. The tool has a roadmap of future features and offers a newsletter for updates.

GPT95 Details

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Tagged: Translation

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GPT95 Core features

  • ✔️ Code generation
  • ✔️ Code refactoring
  • ✔️ Debugging
  • ✔️ Auto documentation
  • ✔️ Private and secure coding

GPT95 use case ideas

  1. Automated code generation.
  2. Code refactoring and debugging.
  3. Private and secure coding. GPT95
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