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What is GPT for forms?

With MagicForm Add-on you just need to provide the text and we will automatically create a quiz for you right inside google forms.Requires OpenAI API access.

GPT for forms Details

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Tagged: Productivity No-code

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GPT for forms Core features

  • ✔️ Generate quiz
  • ✔️ Text to quiz
  • ✔️ Automatic
  • ✔️ Google forms

GPT for forms Highlights:

✅ GPT for Forms
✅ Get Started GPT for Forms
✅ Install the add-on
✅ Create OpenAI Account and get API key (4 min)
✅ Setup API key to MagicForm (2 min)
✅ Create your First Quiz with AI (2 min)

GPT for forms use case ideas

  1. Create quizzes for educational purposes.
  2. Assess employee knowledge.
  3. Test customer understanding of products. GPT for forms
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