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What is Gladia?

Gladia is an AI knowledge infrastructure tool that simplifies advanced AI models to help extract 100% valuable data with a single line of code. They have released an alpha version of their speech-to-text API which can transcribe 1 hour of audio in 10 seconds with low word error rate and is GDPR compliant. The tool aims to help companies build a knowledge infrastructure platform that connects text, audio, and visual data to make discoveries in real-time. The speech-to-text alpha API currently supports 99 languages. .

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Gladia Core features

  • ✔️ Transcribe 1 hour of audio in 10 seconds
  • ✔️ Low word error rate
  • ✔️ Gdpr compliant
  • ✔️ Support 99 languages

Gladia use case ideas

  1. Real-time data discovery.
  2. Transcription of audio files.
  3. Multilingual speech-to-text conversion. Gladia
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