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What is Frankly?

FranklyAI is a next-generation multi-channel engagement tool that offers richer insights to users. It has a multilingual AI that respects cultural nuances and an easy-to-use dashboard for quality analysis. The tool enables users to engage with their community in an authentic and inclusive way, and offers modules for custom satisfaction, feedback, and consultation. FranklyAI also offers custom-built conversation designs to suit specific community needs.

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Frankly Core features

  • ✔️ Multi-channel engagement
  • ✔️ Richer insights
  • ✔️ Easy-to-use dashboard
  • ✔️ Custom satisfaction
  • ✔️ Feedback
  • ✔️ Consultation
  • ✔️ Custom-built conversation designs

Frankly use case ideas

  1. Improve customer satisfaction through feedback collection.
  2. Engage with communities in an authentic and inclusive way.
  3. Customize conversation designs for specific community needs. Frankly
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